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Managing the Heat: How to stay cool on a Summer Cycling Holiday

Managing the Heat: How to stay cool on a Summer Cycling Holiday

Summers in Europe can get pretty hot and if you’re used to British weather a week cycling off the coast of Spain or in the Pyrenean mountains can come as something of a shock to the system. This year mainland Europe are seeing record temperatures consistently in the high 30s for extended periods. Schools are…

Gravel Cycling in Europe

Gravel Cycling in Europe

Gravel cycling really is the big thing in the cycling world right now and with Covid restrictions lifted after two years of riding local trails many cyclists are looking for adventures further afield. Most European countries offer a wealth of gravel trails ripe for exploration: France and Spain, and Slovakia, for example, have thousands of…

Two women on road bikes cycling along a coastal path in the Netherlands with sand dunes to the right and the sea in the background

Guided Cycling Holidays

What is a guided cycling holiday? Find out what to expect from a guided cycling holiday in Europe. Your Accommodation When you book with a provider on a guided cycling holiday you can expect that you will be based out of a single location for the duration of your stay. You may have options for the “board…

A view down the valley of the Stelvio Pass with pink alpine flowers in the foreground, a cloudy blue sky, and the rugged mountains rising steeply to the right

Cycling in Italy

Italy, famous for art, culture, food, cars, and footballers, is also something of an iconic country for cyclists. Easily recognisable on the European map by its boot shape, with the isles of Sicily and Sardinia just off the coast, it boasts 4,723 miles (7600 km) of shoreline. Italy is surrounded on three sides by water:…

Responsible Travel: Is it better to take the Car, Bus, or Train to your Holiday Destination?
General | Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel: Is it better to take the Car, Bus, or Train to your Holiday Destination?

On the one hand it’s easy to feel environmentally virtuous as a cyclist: campaigning organisations tell us that we are generally healthier, contribute more to our local economy, and have a lower carbon footprint than our four-wheel-dependent family and friends (and the four-wheeled versions of ourselves!) If you’ve made the switch in your day-to-day life,…

A view from above looking down on a tarmac road that switches from left to right and back towards the summit of a mountain in the French Pyrenees
French Pyrenees

5 of the best Sportives and Challenge Rides in the French Pyrenees

When it comes to planning a cycling holiday, you can either book a package with a tour or cycling holiday company, work with a tour or holiday company who know the area well to create package tailored to you, your cycling club, or your group – or you can find your own accommodation – in…

Where can I ride in Eastern Europe?
Poland | Romania | Slovakia | Slovenia

Where can I ride in Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe is the the name given to a total land area of 19.04 million square-kilometres that is generally accepted to include the Ukraine, Belarus, part of Russia and – depending on who you speak to – the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia (some of which area also include in…

The Best Family-Friendly Cycling Holidays in Holland
Family Friendly | Holland

The Best Family-Friendly Cycling Holidays in Holland

A Paradise for Cyclists We all know that the Netherlands is something of a paradise for the leisure cyclist – with flat, safe routes: an infrastructure that most other countries can’t come close to beating (except for maybe Denmark.) Because the cycling culture is so strong it’s normal to see families riding together, to school,…

Top Winter Cycling Destinations

Click the links below to view our top winter cycling holidays: with a totally bespoke trip to the stylish cyclist hotel in Valencia (Spain) or a road cycling holiday in Tenerife. Go in search of sunshine!

Or you can search for a cycling holiday on our main site. We have providers from across Europe offering cycling holidays and tours for all levels of riders across the main disciplines.


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