The Best Family-Friendly Cycling Holidays in Holland

A Paradise for Cyclists

We all know that the Netherlands is something of a paradise for the leisure cyclist – with flat, safe routes: an infrastructure that most other countries can’t come close to beating (except for maybe Denmark.) Because the cycling culture is so strong it’s normal to see families riding together, to school, to work, and for holidays. This means you can plan routes around campsites or B&Bs – or whatever level of accommodation suits you.

Safe, Traffic-free Routes

The main routes across Holland are well-signed and easy to follow. If you’re looking for a tour or planning your own trip these are some of the most popular cycling areas:

  • Dutch Coastal Route – This route starts runs along the coast over a total distance of 610 km. With easy-to-follow signs there are two main sections: the LF Kustroute between Cadzand-Bad and Den Helder follows the coastal dunes and passes through many small seaside resorts as well as larger towns and cities, giving plenty of opportunities for stop-offs and overnight stays – making it better suited to families; and the LF Kustroute from Callantsoog to Nieuweschans, which is wilder and more remote.
  • Hoge Veluwe National Park is a great base with alot of family-friendly activities. From here you can explore in many directions, into the woodlands, planning trips from one or two hotels or campsites to the many attractions that are available, including Doorwerth Castle, Vorden Castle and open-air swimming pool De Berkel. If you fancy a few days off the bike there are plenty of things to do on the water – such as canoeing or hiring a pedaloe.

Tourist Attractions

The best tour operators will have the interests in capabilities of children in mind. There are some great tourist attractions in the Netherlands so a tour built around visits to these – to keep everyone enthusiastic about their next stage of their trip – while also keeping distances within acceptable limites – will ensure everyone can enjoy their holiday. Some of the popular destinations to plan your trip around include:

Guided, Self-Guided or DIY?

A well-planned ride is essential when you’re traveling as a family. Everyone will have a much nicer time if there are no nasty surprises – or even just unpredictable situations. While a DIY tour is no problem for some families, the security of riding with a guide or following a tried and tested itinerary means a hassle free, worry free holiday. It’s useful to have a backup plan should you need one.

Hire Bikes or Bring Your Own?

Another great reason for considering the Netherlands is the accessibility. If you’re coming from the UK you can easily bring your bike with you via ferry or train and plan your own trip with our without a guide.

If you’re traveling from further afield and don’t wish to bring your own cycling gear, whether you’re flying or travelling overland, there are plenty of hire options to cater for every rider and situation: tricycles, cargo bikes, trailers, tag-a-longs, tandems are all the norm there so you don’t have to worry about a setup that will work for you.

When travelling as a family having the option to hire bikes in a configuration that suits you an really make the difference to your enjoyment: having enough space for your equipment, food, and children and to be able to carry everything safely is as important as the itinerary! Even if you could bring your own equipment, a family cycling holiday is a great time to try out some new gear that you might not easily be able to try out at home!

Find a Cycling Holiday for Families in the Netherlands

We currently have one provider specialising in tours of the Netherlands for groups and families. Click the link below to view details of their family-friendly tour and contact them for information about the range of options that are available regarding accommodation, bike hire, and custom itineraries.

A Cycling Tour Perfect for Families

Photo by Mark Stosberg on Unsplash

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