Gravel Cycling in Europe

Gravel cycling really is the big thing in the cycling world right now and with Covid restrictions lifted after two years of riding local trails many cyclists are looking for adventures further afield.

Most European countries offer a wealth of gravel trails ripe for exploration: France and Spain, and Slovakia, for example, have thousands of kilometres of forest tracks and trails that are the perfect terrain gravel enthusiasts. Finding these trails and planning routes can from your computer in the UK can be challenging: many of the landscapes are vast and the trails – though known to locals – aren’t always marked and language barriers can make it hard to find up-to-date-local information making it hard to plan meals and accommodation. Given this and the other logistical complexities of planning a DIY trip, booking a tour or holiday with a known cycling company is an attractive option! You can choose your trip and focus on training and packing rather than wasting hours in front of the computer ironing out the intricate details!

Gravel Cycling Holidays in France

Gravel cycling is increasingly popular in France. There are many established cycling holiday providers who previously offered road or mountain biking holidays who now also have tailor-made gravel holidays in their ride calendar.

Click the links below to see our listings for gravel cycling holiday and tours in France.

One Week Social in the Pyrenees

Fougax-Et-Barrineuf, France
€845 (per person) / 7 nights / Half Board

Explore this little known area of the Pyrenees with guided rides from a beautifully restored private accommodation with a pool (and amazing views!).

A Pyrenean Gravel Adventure

Carcassonne, Occitanie, France
€785 (per person) / 8 nights / Half Board

A great introduction to gravel riding on a mix of traffic-free trails, forest tracks, and quite mountain roads, with overnight stays in mountain refuges, campsites, and 3* hotels.

Gravel Cycling Holidays in Italy

Our Italian gravel cycling holidays are provided by a well-established holiday provider who offers complete packages, including flights.

Tuscany South Cycle Tour

San Gimignano, Italy
€1300 (per person) / 8 nights / B&B

A relaxing tour of Southern Tuscany suitable for road, gravel or leisure cyclists.


Gaiole In Chianti, Italy
€608 (per person) / 5 nights / B&B

Gaiole In Chianti, Italy
€608 (per person) / 5 nights / B&B

Join this popular non-competitive vintage cycling event in the place where it all began with a guaranteed place with this complete and plane-to-pedal package.

Gravel Cycling Holidays in Slovakia

The Slovakian tour is suitable for touring, gravel and mountain bikes. This 14-night self-guided tour is exceptional value and will take you through some of the most stunning landscapes Slovakia has to offer.

Carpathian Bike Odyssey in Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia
€549 (per person) / 14 nights / B&

This mountain bike adventure – also suitable for gravel bikes – takes you through hidden trails of Slovakia, starting in the Slovak capital Bratislava and ending in the “metropolis of the East”, Košice.

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