Terms & Conditions

Free Trial Periods & Billing

From time-to-time we may offer free trial periods. When you sign up for a free trial (based on a time-limited offer) you are required to provide your payment details. At the end of the trial period you will automatically be billed for the full amount agreed at the start of your trial. The trial period begins when your Provider Information is submitted for Approval and, on receipt of our invoice, you authorise the payment.

Invoicing & Payment

You will receive a payment link to Stripe shortly after submitting your Provider Information for approval. You agree to pay an annual (12-month) subscription. Your subscription period starts from the date of your first payment. You will be billed automatically for renewals.

Cancelling Payments/Renewals

All payments are non-refundable. If you subscribe to the platform and then change your mind, you can request to have your Provider account deleted but we do not refund payments.

Renewals are automatic. If you do not wish to renew please contact us and request to cancel your subscription.

If a renewal payment is not made (if, for example, your card number has changed and automatically billing does not work) you will receive four payment reminders. After this time your account will be deleted.

Non-Payment of Account

Provider accounts that have not been renewed after a period of 1 month and/or four failed payment reminders have been sent will be deleted.

Our Commitment to You

We aim to keep the site online for 99% of the time (allowing for downtime for fixes and essential maintenance), however, this may not be possible in the event of circumstances out of our control. If there is a problem with the site that leads to downtime we will endeavour to get the site back online within 24 hours.

Discount Codes

If you have a valid discount code you may enter this at the time that you make your payment. Some discount codes are time-limited and others are limited to a certain number of uses.

Any discount codes that are shared will also include terms relating to their limitations. If you find a discount code that does not work that means it is no longer valid.


At the time of writing our pricing is based on our “launch” model. This is based on a flat rate and limit of 5 listings per Provider account. We reserve the right to change this at any time. All current Providers will be advised of any changes that affect their subscription.

Closing Your Account

If you wish to cancel your account please contact us. After 30 days your Provider account and all corresponding information will be deleted and your account renewal cancelled. We have a no refund policy, so we advise you to leave your account to run until the end of the current billing period, but we appreciate that sometimes circumstances change and you may wish to remove your Provider account before this period has expired.

In accordance with the administrative requirements, we will continue to hold your billing records for a period of 5 years.

Our Right to Close Accounts

If we judge that an account is being misused (for example, if the listings are used for inappropriate content that is not in the spirit of the site), we reserve the right to remove those listings and, in extreme cases, to close the Provider account. No refund will be made.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is set out in full at https://cyclingholidayseurope.com/privacyPolicy.php. As stated here we do not share your information with third parties.

Questions and Support

If you have questions about your account or subscription, please contact us at payments@cyclingholidayseurope.com.